A few words about XTON™ Industrial automation
Our team is a group of well organized young people specializing in industrial automation. A wide range of competences allows us to face even the most complex projects. Responding to market demand, we design and build devices using the latest and innovative solutions. Our regular offer includes machines for regeneration of DPF filters, as well as high pressure washers and sandblasters. We create with passion by providing the best quality devices to the world market. We are ECOLOGICAL! In the production process, we pay special attention to environmental protection. The methods we use mainly support Polish technological thought. Our offer is addressed to the broadly understood industry.

What do we do?

XTON™ has been continuously involved in industrial automation since 2011. We build machines for the industry with passion. We also manufacture serially and for individual orders.

In our modern and well-equipped laboratory we have a qualified team of engineers who watch over the safety and quality of each device.
To be able to offer you top-shelf equipment, we employ the best specialists in the field of automation, electrical engineering and construction.

We believe that the product value is directly related to the stability of the company and production.

We are constantly investing in new technologies, production facilities, experience and professional staff, thanks to which we guarantee the highest quality of our devices.